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Communism, A New Beginning? Livestream

Verso will LIVE STREAM the conference, beginning Friday, Oct 14th at 6pm. You’ll need to log in to access the video page, so please register now if you don’t yet have an account.

The long night of the left is coming to a close,’ wrote Slavoj Žižek and Costas Douzinas in their introduction to The Idea of Communism. The continuing economic crisis, the shift away from a unipolar world defined by American hegemony, and the ecological crisis mean that growing numbers of people are keen to explore an alternative and to rediscover the idea of communism. With the advent of the Arab Awakening, millions have sought new ways to overcome corruption and dictatorship.

Responding to Alain Badiou’s proposition of the ‘communist hypothesis,’ the leading thinkers of the Left convened in London in 2009 to discuss the perpetual, persistent notion that, in a truly emancipated society, all things should be owned in common.

Now Slavoj Žižek and Alain Badiou are returning to the discussion—this time in New York.

Organised with Verso Books, eight leading thinkers will be discussing Communism, A New Beginning? at Cooper Union on the weekend of October 14–16.

With great regret we have to announce that, due to illness, Alain Badiou will not be able to attend the conference this weekend. We are all extremely disappointed but we hope you’ll join us in wishing Alain a swift recovery. He has prepared a text to be read by Bruno Bosteels—so he will still be able to contribute to the conference, and we still expect the conference to be an extraordinary event.

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